Warralily Estate

Situated between the vibrant and dynamic city of Geelong and the relaxed vibes of the surf coast, for the residents of Warralily life is whatever you make it. This incredible place is more its own city than an estate, bringing an eye-watering list of highlights; Warralily Village Shopping Centre (featuring a Woolworths, gym and a number of specialty retailers), a massive 82ha of parklands, conservation reserves and open spaces, and a childcare centre, kindergarten and three future schools will all be located on-site.

Surf Coast Hwy & Warralily Blvd, Armstrong Creek VIC 3217, Australia

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A community that has it all, both within its borders and without. If you’re looking for a complete and ready-made lifestyle - not just one that offers all the necessary amenities, but that also lets you enjoy the dynamism of modern city life and the beauty of southern Australia - then Warralily is the ideal choice.

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Warralily Suburb Profile

In 2010, as Geelong became an ever more popular destination for people looking for an alternative to Melbourne, a patch of land halfway between Geelong and Torquay was identified for its promise. The Armstrong Creek Growth Area was formed shortly thereafter, and has exploded in popularity ever since. This patch of earth offers residents 15-minute access to the heart of Geelong one way, and 15-minute access to the delights of Torquay and Victoria’s surf coast the other. It’s also being built as a forward-thinking community; one in which walkability, sustainability and liveability are prime considerations. Already home to 15,000, many of which live in the expansive estates of Warralily, Ashbury, Anchoridge, Forrest Green and Harriott, Armstrong Creek melds modernity, amenity and a magic location, all of which adds up to a truly unique and exciting life. The best bit? As the area continues to develop, so too will the value of your investment!