Exford Waters Estate

Following the curving banks of the Werribee River, an estate offers a new type of west Melbourne living. Welcome to Exford Waters, in the new suburb of Weir Views. Located just south of Melton, the nearby city offers all the amenity that a modern lifestyle demands, from health and education to retail therapy. Exford Waters, meanwhile, grants residents a daily escape - worries are left behind, replaced by gentle, untouched nature.

153-155 Exford Rd, Weir Views VIC 3338, Australia

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Why buy in Exford Waters

Exford Waters is a truly unique proposition - tranquillity with a capital T. The open plains that characterise the west of Melbourne are left behind for the sound of birdlife, the sway of eucalypts and the gorgeous views of the passing water. All this is located just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Melton and a 40-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD. Rarely has city convenience and rural respite been so perfectly blended.

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Exford Waters Suburb Profile

A life on a beautiful waterway surrounded by nature. It’s a dream for many but a reality for few, as such an existence usually costs an arm and a leg. Not so at Exford, a suburb found on the banks of the Werribee River, just south of Melton. This is a rural community that has only recently caught the eye of developers and homebuyers – as of the 2016 census just 107 people called Exford home. Realising its delights, the population has risen steeply in recent years, as estates like Exford Waters have been established. Exford sits on a part of the Werribee River known as the Melton Reservoir – a particularly wide and calm patch of water perfect for recreation or birdwatching. Add in the proximity to the Melbourne CBD (as little as a 45-minute drive east) and the incredible value offered by the area’s estates, and Exford becomes a compelling prospect.