Bowery Estate

The excitement and potential of Melbourne’s flourishing north-west is perfectly encapsulated in Bowery, a new community in the blossoming suburb of Deanside. With the Melbourne CBD just a 30-minute drive away, Bowery has proven every bit as enticing to city workers as it has to those who work out west. The immediate area is already loaded with amenity, and will soon be injected with even more; Bowery will soon be situated within striking distance of five shopping centres, 11 schools, and a plethora of restaurants and cafes.

1205 Taylors Rd, Deanside VIC, Australia

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Why buy in Bowery

Located between the already established centres of Taylors Hill and Caroline Springs, and with a wealth of surrounding investment currently in the pipeline, Bowery offers buyers the opportunity to get their foot in the door early, but not so early as to lack convenience now. Deanside promises to be a suburb built for families, granting residents the opportunity to grow and develop alongside it.

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Bowery Suburb Profile

With Melton to the west, Taylors Lakes to the east and Diggers Rest to the north, Plumpton is a rural and largely undeveloped suburb that enjoys a spot surrounded by established neighbours. This makes it a fantastic opportunity for homebuyers, particularly those looking to take their first step into the market, and who would like something more than a one-bedroom apartment to show for it. Big skies and open plains are the order of the day here, with the likes of Bowery, Rosewood, Aldo, Aspire, Carolina and Attwell estates doing their bit by offering three- or four-bedroom homes on generous blocks. Despite the country atmosphere, Plumpton is found as little as a 35-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD. Within ten minutes you’ll arrive in the heart of Melton or Taylors Lakes, both of which offer education, healthcare, shopping, transport and entertainment by the bucketload. And as Plumpton itself develops in the coming years, so too will your property investment.