Edgeleigh Estate

Situated on the border of Tarneit, with the wide open spaces of Mt Cottrell to the north, and the Melbourne CBD an easy 30km drive east, Edgeleigh is the sort of estate you’d perhaps expect to see in a smaller city than Melbourne. But thanks to the fact that Melbourne’s west was for so long ignored by developers, families and first home buyers now have the opportunity to snap up a great home in a great location at a great price, and in an estate that is as boutique and neighbourly as any in Melbourne.

1106 Leakes Rd, Tarneit VIC 3029, Australia

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Why buy in Edgeleigh

The residents of Edgeleigh find themselves in the middle of what looks set to become a thriving hub. The proposed Tarneit West train station, Davis Creek North shopping centre, and a wealth of other amenities are set to add serious value to properties into the future, while the airy openness of the West Melbourne plains make for an almost rural feel in the meantime.

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Edgeleigh Suburb Profile

The migration to Melbourne’s west is on, and Tarneit is leading the charge. This dumbbell-shaped suburb to the north of Werribee is just a 30-minute drive or 27-minute train ride from the Melbourne CBD, and it’s largely due to this prime location that the area has exploded in recent years. Residential subdivisions didn’t really begin until the 90s, but between then and 2016 the population grew to almost 35,000, and it is expected to rise to over 60,000 by the end of the decade. The growth is being fuelled by stunning developments like Edgeleigh and Habitat estate, which have been designed in a way that maximises the natural beauty and big skies of the area, while also turning it from empty grazing land to modern metropolis. The already healthy level of amenity will only be enhanced in years to come, making the lives of homebuyers ever more comfortable and fulfilling.