The Patch Estate

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471 Epping Rd, Wollert VIC 3750, Australia

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Sprawling suburb-sized developments offer all the amenity you might need, but they often do so while removing the heart. The Patch is a smaller estate that offers all the amenity of a larger development, but not at the expense of community spirit. The town and community centres have been designed to bring residents together, helping them to form bonds that extend far beyond those of normal neighbours. The Patch isn’t simply a place to live - it’s somewhere to call home.

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The Patch Suburb Profile

Wedged between Craigieburn to the west, Epping to the south and Mernda to the east, Wollert is a suburb that has managed to largely hold back the tide of progress over the years. The rugged terrain of the area has helped – the name Wollert is a Woiwurrung word meaning ‘where possums abound’, and many of the historic red gums that have dotted the area for millennia continue to stand strong. This connection to nature is retained by developments like The Patch estate, who have worked around the greenery instead of bulldozing over it. This grants residents a uniquely tranquil life this close to the city – the Melbourne CBD is just 23km due south, a drive that takes as little as 40 minutes. The location will only become more desirable as Melbourne’s north continues to develop, particularly the tens of thousands of jobs set to be offered in the coming years in nearby Mickleham.