Urban Square at Jubilee Estate

Inner-city living without the inner city drawbacks; the Urban Square proposition is a unique one but is proving incredibly popular for those who seek to combine an exciting urban lifestyle with space to breathe. Located in Wyndham Vale, a 45-minute drive or 35-minute train ride from the Melbourne CBD, Urban Square seeks to bring the city to its residents through exciting cafes, buzzing communal areas and a wealth of retail options.

774 Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale VIC 3024, Australia

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Why buy in Urban Square at Jubilee

Urban Square has given itself the opportunity to design a CBD lifestyle from the ground up. The result is a gorgeous and forward-thinking piece of planning that manages to seamlessly combine inner-city and suburban elements - a waterfront promenade and urban plaza are within the eye line of generous house and land packages and green spaces, for example. And no matter whether you’d prefer an apartment, townhome or fully detached living, Urban Square has an option for you.

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Urban Square at Jubilee Suburb Profile

The new(ish) suburb of Wyndham Vale delivers a life unencumbered to Melbourne’s west. Werribee’s western neighbour, this is a suburb that has only truly come to life this century, on the back of serious development. The 25,000 people who now call Wyndham Vale home are treated to endless amenity, including a number of on-site schools, Manor Lakes Central Shopping Centre, and an express train that gets into the Melbourne CBD in under half an hour – a service that not even Werribee can boast. The city is also as little as a 35-minute drive away, making Wyndham Vale an enticing opportunity to those who may also be looking at homes in the more built-up east. Developments like Urban Square estate offer great value medium- to low-density housing, with house and land packages that allow families to grow with the surrounding area. Add in a splash of natural beauty, and you’ve got quite the proposition.